100% Cotton White Fitted Sheet Extra Deep | 9 Bed Sizes | 200 Thread Count

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Plain White 100% Cotton Percale 200 Thread Count Fitted Sheets

Made with 100% Mercerised Combed Cotton. Mercerisation is a treatment for cotton that gives the fabric a lustrous appearance. This treatment increases lustre, durability & strength.

Combed cotton is softer and of a higher quality than other cottons. First the cotton is carefully harvested and cleaned and then it is carded and combed. Carding separates the individual cotton fibres and runs them in the same direction, by passing them between moving surfaces. The cotton is then combed using fine, combing brushes which pull out the shorter fibres and impurities. The remaining cotton fibres are the longest and straightest ones, and once woven, produce a much smoother and higher quality fabric.

Percale weave. Percale is a finish for cotton which feels crisp and fresh

Pilling Free so will not leave those little bits which appear with poorer quality bed linen due to washing and drying over time.

Available in the following sizes;

Single 12"

36" x 75" + 12" Depth

Euro Single / Long Single 12"

36" x 80" + 12" Depth

Double 12"

54" x 75" + 12" Depth

Double 14"

54" x 75" + 14" Depth

King 14"

60" x 80" + 14" Depth

Super King 12"

72" x 80" + 12" Depth

Super King 14"

72" x 80" + 14" Depth

Super King 18"

72" x 80" + 18" Depth

Emperor 16"

84" x 84" + 16" Depth

All fitted sheets are elasticated all around the sheet.

Machine washable at 40 degrees.

Tumble or Line Dry.

Guide for fitting - We recommend allowing an extra two inches on the depth of the sheet to ensure that the sheet tucks right under the mattress. For example;

If the exact depth of the mattress is 8 inches then we recommend a fitted sheet with a 10" depth

If the exact depth of the mattress is 10 inches then we recommend a fitted sheet with a 12" depth

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