Goose Feather Pillows 85% Goose Feather 15% Goose Down | Super King & Emperor

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White Goose Feather and Down Pillows. 85% White Goose Feather 15% White Goose Down. a natural filling which is the ultimate filling in terms of quality & comfort, keeping you warm in winter and cool in summer. 

100% Natural Comfort

Made with European Standard Goose Feathers and Down. The feathers within our pillows do not contain sharp quills. The natural feather and down filling has been cleaned to ensure that they meet all applicable European cleanliness regulations for Pillows.

Meets RDS (Responsible Down Standard)

The Responsible Down Standard safeguards the welfare of geese that provide down and feathers for apparel, outdoor and home products made with feather and down.

Available in 2 Sizes;

1. Super King. Size of each Pillow 20" x 36" - 50cm x 90cm. Filling weight - 1250 grams per pillow.

2. Emperor. Size of each Pillow 20" x 42" - 50cm x 107cm. Filling weight - 1450 grams per pillow.

233 Thread Count 100% Cotton Percale Down & Feather Proof Cover. Double Needle Stitching edge with self piping.

Machine Washable at 40 degrees. Can be Tumble Dried.

Note: You may notice a slight odour from the pillows on first opening. This is completely normal, as feathers are natural. Any odours will dissipate once the pillows have been aired.

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