Blackout Curtain Pair Ring Top Eyelet with Matching Tiebacks

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Light Blocking Blackout Curtains with Matching Tiebacks. 2 Curtain Panels and 2 x Matching Tiebacks per package.

Same colour on both the sides and is perfect for any room.

Triple weave blackout fabric. Front and Back are made with 230 gsm Polyester with a Middle Layer of High Density Black Yarn which makes these curtains thick enough to block out 85% - 99% of external light and UV rays (darker coloured curtains work better).

Noise reducing. Once closed these blackout curtains drape well and when completely closed will provide a soundproof environment for you and your family.

The unique design of the triple weave curtain regulates room temperature by insulating against the heat of summer and the chills of winter whilst at the same time protecting your privacy

Curtains and are free from Vinyl, PVC, Phthalates and other toxic chemicals.

Anti - rust eyelets. Interior diameter is 1.6" (4cm). Exterior diameter of each eyelet is 2.4" (6cm). Sizes approx.

Curtains are made from 100% Polyester.

Machine Washable, Wash under 30 °C Gentle cycle, do not bleach.

Tumble dry at low temperature.

Warm Iron.

Available in 10 Sizes;

52" x 63"- Each curtain is 52" (132cm) Wide and has a 63" (160cm) Drop

66" x 90"  - Each curtain is 66" (168cm) Wide and has a 90" (228cm) Drop

90" x 54" - Each curtain is 90" (228cm) Wide and has a 54" (137cm) Drop

90" x 90" - Each curtain is 90" (228cm) Wide and has a 90" (228cm) Drop

90" x 108" - Each curtain is 90" (228cm) Wide and has a 108" (275cm) Drop

90" x 112" - Each curtain is 90" (228cm) Wide and has a 112" (285cm) Drop

96" x 118" - Each curtain is 96" (244cm) Wide and has a 118" (300cm) Drop.

112" x 90" - Each curtain is 112" (285cm) Wide and has a 90" (228cm) Drop.

112" x 108" - Each curtain is 112" (285cm) Wide and has a 108" (275cm) Drop.

112" x 126" - Each curtain is 112" (285cm) Wide and has a 126" (320cm) Drop.

Other types of Blackout curtains available;

Complete Total Blackout Quiet Grey Curtains and Silver Embossed Blackout Curtains 

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