Jumbo Bath Sheet Extra Large 500gsm 100% Cotton 150cm x 200cm

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• Size - 150cm x 200cm - 60" x 80" - 5ft x 6.6ft

• 100% Cotton

• Each towel weighs 1500 grams which works out to 500gsm*

* The quality of towels is determined by the GSM (grams per square metre).

Cheap quality towels have a GSM of between 200 and 300.

Better quality towels have a GSM of between 400 and 500.

Superior quality towels have a GSM of 500+.

The more grams per square metre means that the towel is thicker, more absorbent and longer lasting.

• Machine Washable. Can be Tumble Dried.

Please AVOID fabric softener and dryer sheets, as the chemicals will only reduce the softness of these towels.

DO NOT USE bleach, bleach alternatives, non-chlorine bleach or any bleach by-products in the detergent as it stiffens, weakens and damages the fibres of the towelling fabric.

Made in Turkey with 100% Turkish Cotton. Using Turkish Cotton is sustainable, eco-friendly and user-friendly. Due to its efficiency and its high standards of performance and of function, Turkish cotton requires no heavy and harmful chemical processing in order to get its inherent qualities of softness and absorbency.

• Other types / sizes of Extra Large Bath Sheets available;

1. 600gsm 150 x 200cm extra large bath sheets

2. 600gsm 180 x 200cm super jumbo bath sheets

3. 650gsm 100 x 200cm oversized extra thick double yarn bath sheets

4. 650gsm 150 x 200cm extra large and thick double yarn bath sheets

5. 150cm x 200cm Quick Dry Microfibre Beach Towels

Customer Reviews

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Erica Frost

Excellent quality and lovely feel. Would have given 5 but I ordered purple and got green. I’m sure they would have changed them but I needed them for a present and there wasn’t time.

Ann Briscoe

Delighted with excellent products, understanding communication and speedy delivery. A pleasure to do business with. Really pleased, thank you.

Joanne pw
Love it!

Why did I keep trying to fit my body in to a standard sized bath towel all these years? The quality of this huge, soft, hugging towel is fantastic and I love getting completely wrapped up in it after showering! More please!

I need more of these!!!

Saw this huge bath sheet and thought id give it a go. Turned up today and i love the colour and the quality. It's been in the machine and tumble dryer and came out super soft. Being 5ft9 I struggle finding a towel big enough to wrap round me, most big bath sheets arent long enough. This bath sheet is incredible, and ill be buying another!!!
Thanks for crazy quick delivery too!!! :-D :-)


I purchased one of these jumbo extra large bath sheets for my husband as he is very tall and always complains that most towels are not big enough - well not with this one! In fact it’s so big he can wrap it around his shoulders and it still reaches his ankles! It would be no good for me as I am short and would struggle with the size and weight of it!
The quality is still good at 500gsm but I have to say not as thick as the 650gsm that I also purchased with it, but it is soft and excellent quality all the same.

Customer Reviews

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